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  • Inner and Outer Power

    Inner and Outer Power

    What did I learn while at the City? Last month, I left my City job with the Equitable Development Initiative after a long leave of absence. Here is the other bookend to my original cover letter aspirations: the final farewell email I sent, with the most important thing I learned about power while in my…

  • Reflections on Societal Healing

    Reflections on Societal Healing

    What does societal healing mean? What will it take? I’m steeping in the wake of an impossibly rich conversation with Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Kazu Haga, Tada Hozumi, and Staci Haines—some of my most inspiring and courageous teachers in the intersection of individual and societal healing. Thanks to the folks at Building Belonging for handing me…

  • Healing Means Justice Means Healing

    Healing Means Justice Means Healing

    What will it take to stand in this opportunity for systemic change? Disclosure & disclaimer: Some projects mentioned here are partly funded through Seattle’s Equitable Development Initiative, where I work. Views expressed here are my own, not my employer’s. The data trail of racial wealth and health disparities in the path of COVID-19 is a…