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  • Social Conscience in Columbus, OH

    Social Conscience in Columbus, OH

    What counts as a thoughtful effort in a gentrifying neighborhood? In Columbus, I set out to investigate a few different takes on socially conscientious development. I learned something about how hard it can be to write hopefully and pragmatically at the same time….

  • The Hierarchy of Nobel-Prize-worthiness

    The Hierarchy of Nobel-Prize-worthiness

    Why is it so hard to find developer success stories in combating gentrification? In The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith explored the cultural milieu that produces our sense of right and wrong. In this work, which laid the groundwork for The Wealth of Nations, Smith notes that it’s human nature to seek praise and praise-worthiness. This basic tendency, he supposes, forms…

  • Tim McDonald, Onion Flats—Philadelphia, PA

    Tim McDonald, Onion Flats—Philadelphia, PA

    Can a single design- and environmentally-conscious developer influence others? Tim McDonald runs Onion Flats with his three partners. Trained as an architect, Tim co-founded the Philadelphia-based alongside his brother. “As a developer,” he says, “every project I’ve ever done has been an opportunity to explore something. I’m a design-driven developer, and I come at it from…